Windmill Ridge Soap

  Artisan * Handmade * All Natural  

The day I realized that the "soap" I had bought for years from my local mega-mart was not really soap but rather detergent that could only be labeled as a "beauty bar", a "deodorant bar", a "facial bar" was the day that I decided to learn to make real soap.  My great-grandmother and my grandmother made soap...why couldn't I?  This began my journey to eliminate as many chemicals from my life as possible and to learn to be more self sufficient by being able to make my own real soap.

In my research about what made soap actually soap, I learned that the FDA defines soap as the combination of lye and fat saponified to become soap.

Now, my great-grandmother made her own lye and rendered her own fat but she did not have a carefully calculated recipe or formula so sometimes the lye would be too strong and harsh to the skin.

Our recipes are carefully formulated and after the soaping process is complete, additional fats including organic extra virgin olive oil, organic shea butter, cocoa butter, organic non-GMO glycerin are added, along with steam distilled essential oils, to nourish the skin.

We also offer Vegan and soy free soaps, bath salts, scrubs and laundry soap.

We look forward to supplying you with the best products possible so you can pamper yourself and those you love.